What is Scripter?

Scripter is your one-stop shop for essay writing. It helps you on every aspect of your essay, including brainstorming, outlining, and proofreading.

How does it work?

A state-of-the-art software engine reads through your text, breaking it down into understandable chunks of paragraphs, sentences, words, and punctuation marks. Then it tags each word for part-of-speech, determines the clause structure of the sentences, and looks up all the words in the built-in dictionaries. The final step is searching the sentences for errors and oddities, simultaneously determining if it can offer a correction or just flag the error. All in a few seconds!

Who is it for?

Students of all levels can use it, ranging from high school students to PhD students. Scripter is for anyone who needs to write an essay!

Who created it?

The program was written by English language and linguistics experts who have a passion for personalized English education. For more information, keep reading or go to the About page.

Why should I use it?

Scripter™ is designed to help users improve their writing skills through repeated usage. While there are several other commercially available grammar-checking products, Scripter™ is a sophisticated tool that finds more essay level, paragraph level and sentence level errors.
Learning is most effective when in the context of the learner (you write what is relevant to you and use Scripter™ to analyze your composition).

I am learning English or am a non-native speaker of English. Can I use this product?

Absolutely! Scripter™ is designed to help you learn the skills of effective writing. You can have Scripter™ review your writing in all areas, or you can select a few aspects to focus on through our cutting-edge Feedback Tab.

Are other languages supported?

Currently, the tool checks text in English.

How much does Scripter™ cost to use?

Please visit our Pricing Section to learn more.

I saw that the RightToRead program is mentioned in the Annual Subscription section. What is this?

A portion of your Annual Subscription goes towards funding the RightToRead Program to 3 under-privileged children for a full year. Click here to learn more about this inspiring and important program.

For more information, go to our Pricing Section

I did not receive my login credentials. How do I know if I have been registered?

You should receive a verification e-mail from us almost immediately after registering. If you cannot find this e-mail, please check your junk or spam folders.
To prevent our e-mail from being intercepted as junk in future, please add
Support@scripterai.com to your contacts or “safe senders” list. If you can’t find the email, click Resend Verification Email on the Login page. If the problem persists, please write to us at Support@scripterai.com

For how long is my account valid?

Premium subscriptions have limited validity.

For more information, go to our Pricing Section to learn more.

What am I allowed access to with my registration?

Registration allows access to the Scripter™with a demo essay to help the user understand the software in detail. To utilize the software, a user will have to purchase the premium subscription through our pricing plans.

How is confidentiality of my documents ensured?

Everything that you enter on Scripter™, from your text submissions is treated as confidential material. It is not shared with any third party.

How do I use Scripter™?

Click to see a video demonstration of Scripter™.
Scripter Tool:
When you open an account and log in, the home page displays a large white text box. You can either type your text right into Scripter, paste text that you have copied from another location or upload a .docx (Word Document) straight into Scripter. The system will then start generating your feedback! When it is finished, the Feedback window will list all the corrections.

Outline: Create an outline to organize your thoughts and start your essay off strong
Flow & Structure: Provides for essay-level and paragraph-level feedback about sentence structure, vagueness of words, distribution of information, etc.
Language & clarity: Provides feedback on the range of vocabulary, ambiguity of word usage, etc
Style & Originality: Provides feedback on clustering of similar words, collocations, etc.
Topic & Focus: Provides essay and paragraph-level feedback on discordancy of sentences in a paragraph, main and subordinate arguments in an essay, etc.
Grammar & Style: Provides feedback on Subject-Verb Agreement, Verb Tense, Other Verb Problems, Article Usage, Incorrect Word Usage, Sentence Fragment, Run-on Sentences, Needed Words Missing, Mixed Construction, Wordy Sentences, Singular-Plural Issues, Pronoun-Antecedent, Incorrect Preposition, Punctuation, and Incorrect Case

Is there a limit to the size of the text I can enter?

No. You can enter text of any length. If the text you entered is fewer than 50 words, a notification will appear, but if you click OK your text will still be analyzed. Some of the categories Scripter™ checks return moderate results on shorter passages. Scripter™ may take more time to analyze longer passages.

I type in my text, but nothing seems to be happening. How do I view my results?

The tool returns results in the Feedback Tab in your browser window. If you have a pop-up blocker installed, make sure you allow pop-ups for the Scripter™ page. You can also find your entire feedback and results in the Assessment/Feedback table.

My text seems to be generating an error message after I finish typing. What should I do?

The tool works best when using Google Chrome. Check that you are using a supported browser. Also, if you are copying and pasting text from another application that uses special characters (other than English letters, numbers and basic punctuation), Scripter™ may not recognize them.

Scripter™ marked an error in a sentence that I don’t think is incorrect, or it didn’t mark an incorrect sentence.

We are continually working to improve Scripter™ and its abilities to detect errors and suggest improvements. If you feel that there has been an error in the evaluations, please send us your text to Support@scripterai.com. We are always grateful for feedback and suggestions!

There was a problem processing my transaction with Stripe, but the transaction still shows up on my bank account. Will I be charged?

No. If you received an email from Stripe notifying you that your transaction was cancelled, you will not be charged for this transaction. If your bank statement shows that the purchase is pending, the amount may be on an authorization hold and will disappear from your statement within 30 days.

How do I submit feedback, or get an answer to a question unrelated to any of those above?

You can email us with your comments here: Support@scripterai.com.
If you find an error that you believe is incorrect, feel free to email us the text in question, as well as the reason why you believe it is incorrect.


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